Business Opportunity


CARtime is the brand of the future in the new era of aftermarket vehicle service and repair centres. Gone are the old dirty, greasy workshops of yester year, in which the perception of shoddy backyard repairs were carried out. It has now been replaced with fresh, vibrant, well equipped workshops, which use state of the art diagnostic equipment catering for all manufacturers’ types of vehicles. Our workshops are manned by competent, friendly, dedicated managers and technicians. Our receptions are designed to give customers the sound feeling of comfort, security and peace of mind that their vehicle is being serviced and repaired professionally.

We attribute part of our past success to:

What do I get for my investment?

Experience in the industry has led us to understand the need for true, total transparency, we do not hide exorbitant profits into the development costs.

At CARtime we firmly believe that we should put our money where our mouth is, and assist an investor in building a business to change his or her lifestyle and not spend the first five years paying off unnecessary debt.

For the total purchase price starting from R595 000.00 excluding VAT, CARtime will assist from blueprint stage in:

  1. Securing a site in your desired area
  2. Guidance towards arranging finance
  3. Guidance towards setting up a business plan
  4. Assist with negotiating your lease
  5. Totally developing your site into a full TURNKEY operation
  6. Assist with employing and training the necessary staff to ensure your success
  7. Full initial marketing guidance
  8. Creating viable profit margins
  9. On going managerial support

What is meant by full Turnkey Operation?

Simply put we will develop your site and ensure on the scheduled day of opening that you are ready to start operating. This will mean that your shop will be fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and machinery, and all the staff trained and ready to start serving your customers.