free ride

With our free ride service you can relax about getting back to the office or back to us to collect your vehicle.

We offer a 5km free of charge Uber or Bolt ride when you book your car or bakkie in for a service or repair. (Ts&Cs Apply)

FREE RIDE Terms and Conditions

CARtime’s value-added Uber/Bolt service is available to CARtime customers when they have booked their car or bakkie in for a service or repair at any of our CARtime branches.

The value-added Uber/Bolt service is available through CARtime’s corporate Uber/Bolt account and is not available and/or redeemable through an individual customer’s Uber account.

The value-added Uber/Bolt service provides a customer with free five (5) kilometre drop-off and collection from and to the CARtime branch where your car or bakkie is being serviced or repaired.

This is limited to a single drop-off trip and a single collection trip, on the date which the customer’s car or bakkie is serviced / worked on, where the customers car or bakkie will need to remain at the CARtime branch for the service and/or repairs to be done.

CARtime’s FREE 35-point check is not considered as a service/repair, and therefore the Uber/Bolt service will not apply.

Should the customer exceed the free five-kilometre, the excess cost will be charged to the customer’s final invoice which will be payable on collection of the customer’s car or bakkie. The cost will be calculated as follows:

One way calculation:

Total cost of the trip ÷ total kilometres of trip = cost per kilometre.
Total cost of trip – (5km x cost per kilometre) = additional cost added to the customer’s invoice.

The customer acknowledges and accepts the excess costs, and duly authorises CARtime to add these costs to the final invoice.

The customer acknowledges if the service and/or repairs to their car or bakkie are in terms of a service plan/warranty claim or insurance claim of any sort, these additional Uber/Bolt costs will be payable direct to the CARtime branch, either by credit card or cash, as these costs will not form part of the final invoice approved by the service plan/warranty/insurance company.

The use of and reliance on the value-added Uber/Bolt service is at the customer’s own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use of Uber & Bolt.

The customer is directed and advised to read the terms and conditions of use for the Uber/ Bolt service. The customer acknowledges that Uber & Bolt are independent service providers and in no way connected to or related to the CARtime brand.