FRANCHISE opportunities


and proud of our logo!

CARtime is the brand of the future in the new era of aftermarket vehicle service and repair centres.  CARtime offer vibrant, well equipped workshops, which use state of the art diagnostic equipment catering for all manufacturers’ types of vehicles. Our workshops are manned by competent, friendly, dedicated managers and technicians. Our receptions are designed to give customers the sound feeling of comfort, security and peace of mind that their vehicle is being serviced and repaired professionally

We attribute part of our past success to:



CARtime offers an auto service business opportunity that is about more than just a business. We place significant prominence on the success of our branches. We ensure that our team members have everything they need for success in their local marketplace. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your success as a CARtime branch.

CARtime has continued to grow and evolve along with automobiles, year after year. Through this growth we have become one of the leading auto service and repair names.

CARtime has a manager in charge of the day to day running of the business. There are then several managers whose specific core function is to manage, develop, assist and guide the various LICENSEE’s from inception to opening and onwards to a profitable partnership.

From the most basic questions to high-level business and finance concerns, our support team and training programmes are there to transform your business opportunity into a CARtime auto repair branch you will be proud of.

what is turnkey?

Our franchise package is so complete that everything you need to start the franchise will be done for you – from design and development, to the fixtures and fittings of the site. We provide you the franchisees with every possible advantage, giving you the best chance at success. CARtime offers a proven, successful business model and merely awaits for you to join the journey with us.

 Simply put we will develop your site and ensure on the scheduled day of opening that you are ready to start operating. This will mean that your shop will be fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and machinery, and all the staff trained and ready to start serving your customers.



As LICENSEE’s you will enjoy wide-ranging benefits, such as the backing of a dedicated, experienced and respected management with years of experience in the license industry.

Experience in the industry has led us to understand the need for true, total transparency, we do not hide exorbitant profits into the development costs.

At CARtime we firmly believe that we should put our money where our mouth is and assist an investor in building a business to change his or her lifestyle and not spend the first five years paying off unnecessary debt.

CARtime will assist from blueprint stage in:

  1. Securing a site in your desired area
  2. Guidance towards arranging finance
  3. Guidance towards setting up a business plan
  4. Assist with negotiating your lease
  5. Totally developing your site into a full TURNKEY operation
  6. Assist with employing and training the necessary staff to ensure your success
  7. Full initial marketing guidance
  8. Creating viable profit margins
  9. On going managerial support

training and support

We offer onsite training for our franchisees and their staff as well as providing ongoing assistance and support at our existing stores. The most important factor within CARtime is ensuring the maintenance of standards throughout the group and monitoring each individual store. We highly emphasize on personalised service. Customer relations are of utmost importance and providing value for money through quality servicing and repairing.

At CARtime our auto repair branches are never left without the resources they need to stay on top of the automotive industry and continue to provide excellent results for our customers. We offer dedicated staff, rewarding team building programmes and intensive training, both on and off site. We ensure that you are never without the support you need.

We will be provided a wealth of materials for training and some of this training will be technical training. You’ll learn automotive system basics, common car issues, and what goes into remedying them. CARtime however, will not be training you to become a mechanic or technician. These roles will be filled by experienced professionals in your branch. Instead, this technical training will serve an important purpose: to clearly and honestly communicate with customers about their automotive issue and to know what to expect of your managers and staff.